Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here Is My ABC For My Little Zee

A- is for an Adorable little girl.
B- is for Beautiful. 
C- is for Cute. 
D- is for Daddy's Darling girl.
E- is for Elmo, Zee's favorite character. 
F- is for Foofa, Zee's friend.
G- is for Grandpa's cutie. 
H-is for Healthy baby, Thanks to God.
I- is for Intelligent little girl.
J- is for joy of our life.
K-is for kissable 
L- is for loving daughter and light of our life.
M- is for Muslim girl.
N- is for NO NO NO her favorite word.
O- is for Outstanding baby.
P-is for Pretty princess likes to play all the time.
Q- is for like Queen.
R- is for Reading, zee's  favorite hobby
S-is for Smart child. 
T-is for Two, her age right now.
U-is for Untried. 
V- is for Very behave .
W-is for being a Wonderful child.
X-is for XO XO XO, she mumbles often.
Y-is for Yummy Yummy whatever she eats.
Z- is for Zahra whos nic is Zee.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter.

There's my little Zee, acting exactly like her

I purchased this machine, before even Zee's birth.

It's amazing how your kids observe you.

Ahan, mommy caught you on the right time. Right,
 perfect pictures for my blog.

See, how proud, she is on herself.

Sunday, July 31, 2011