Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zee Turns Two

Let's start this blog with zee's second birthday.

 Looking so cute while blowing those candles.

Daddy and Zee.

Daddy is helping her to cut the cake.

She freaks out if her hands get messy, wants me to clean them for her.

Opening  presents.

She loved the bath tub.

Daddy giving her present.

Zee with her Nona.

 Giving a fist to Nona.

Giving a kiss to Grandpa (Gampa)

Playing with Gampa. Zee's Nano and Gampa took us to the Indian Resturant to celebrate Zee's Birthday  which is very nice of them.

Zee with Nona.

 Thinking of ways to improve "the terrible twos".

 Her Mamoo ( My brother ) sent her this outfit, which she hated at first, but right after she saw herself in the mirror she became very happy....LOL

 With her bear.

 Mad at me. "Why is mom taking pictures of me?"

 I love this photo.

 Learning,  how to ride a bike?


Anonymous said...

Woohh!! "Zee look incredible" would make her feel pretty special :):-*

Khushbu Jain said...

Beautiful Pics of Zahrah :):).......

Syed Store said...

Thanks Khushbu, it means a lot to me

Maliha said...

MASHALLAH...she is look like a princes i love her all pix..may God bless her....she is cutie pie,i love u Zara muaaah..

Syed Store said...

Thanks Maliha.