Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Zee With Her Grand Parents

July 5, 2011
A little 4th of July party, where my hubby
 made all the food and the great thing is,
 my mother in law ( a cooking teacher)
approved the food, yehhh...

Zee is with her loving "gampa" (grandpa),
 her cousin Henry and her grand parent's little dog Fro-do. 

May her "gampa" live long for her.

It was such a fun night, everybody is busy
watching fire work at Channel 3 (Wisconsin TV).

Zee and her Nona.

She loves her gampa.

So happy with gampa and her cousin Evani. 

With her Aunt Megan and cousin Henry.

End of fire work.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zee At The Zoo

  July 4, 2011.

There is my "princess" all ready for the fun.  

Whenever we had day off together, my hubby is not the one who will sit
at home. He is always ready to go out and have fun. We are pretty opposite,
but I have no choice except to join them. And I kinda like this attitude. LOL...

Dadda and zee having so much fun together.

There is an adventures girl.

She is such a brave cutie pie.

To feed the animals is her most favorite thing to do . 

Big kids were kind of afraid to feed the animals,
 but this little girl was so excited.

We had to chase her all around the Zoo. 

Me and my happy Zee.

Had fun on the train ride.

Someone had a blast there.

Look at her open mouth with amusement.

I love this picture.

So now you know, that she was at Henry Vilas Zoo.

Most of our clothing made by my mom.
My brother said, " all she does, make clothes for
You and Zee". That's her favorite past time.
I love my mom and mom thanks for this wonderful
outfit for me. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Model Of The Month.

June, 2011
Ooooooops, someone is not happy.

She didn't like the outfit, so that is the reason,
 she is  crying

My mom made this outfit for her.

Ahan,  very stylish girl.

She loves to play in our back yard.

I asked her, to hold this little decor. 

There is a little summery girl.

Yes, we gotta be stylish.

Zee and her new friend Amina.

There she is, in  her favorite outfit with matching purse and bottle. 

She will be so happy to see herself, when she will all grow up.  I guess this
blog is going to be a wonderful gift for her.