Monday, July 4, 2011

The Model Of The Month.

June, 2011
Ooooooops, someone is not happy.

She didn't like the outfit, so that is the reason,
 she is  crying

My mom made this outfit for her.

Ahan,  very stylish girl.

She loves to play in our back yard.

I asked her, to hold this little decor. 

There is a little summery girl.

Yes, we gotta be stylish.

Zee and her new friend Amina.

There she is, in  her favorite outfit with matching purse and bottle. 

She will be so happy to see herself, when she will all grow up.  I guess this
blog is going to be a wonderful gift for her. 


Anonymous said...

She is positively adorable! I love the handmade outfit especially =). Her curly hair just makes me want to fluff it!

This blog will make a wonderful gift for her someday. I love looking through my baby book my mother made for me. Blogs have so much MORE than a baby book. I wish I had had a blog when my kids were babies - but I'm making up for it now!

P.S. Visiting from voiceBoks!

MsAngelStarr said...

So cute! Funny how even when they are making unhappy faces they are still adorable. Love her little doll too!

~wickedlysexy c",? said...

very good idea in keeping a blog for your little one...she will definitely adore you more when she gets to see this when she grows up...

She is so pretty, I am now wishing again to have another baby (hopefully a girl, so I can dress her up like a doll!)

thanks fro stopping by
Mom from Manila...hope to see again there soon!

Nishana said...

Cute girl. I loved all pics in your blog. Such an adorable doll you have. How old is she? (Sorry, I dint go thru all posts in your blog). Will visit often too 'read' about Zee.

God Bless you Zee girl!

Btw, I am stopping from voiceboks. Please follow back at

mrsmomx6 said...

She is adorable and the 2nd cutest baby girl ever. Mine being first :) And what mom wouldn't think their's are the cuties. I love, love her hair!

You are the bomb and I am humbled and happy that you displayed my button. The minute you have yours up I am sooooo posting it on mine!

You totally rock!

Janie said...

love her curls! i miss my tots curls...chopped them off on her 1st bday and her hair has become wavy/straight since.

Small Kucing said...

Gosh...I simply heart every hotos here..especially number 4 and 11.

Thanks for accepting my friendship in VB.

Am now following you via GFC

Have a nice day!


Mommy LaDy Club said...

I love the outfit your Mom made for her!
Cheers from vB,

Rachel Joy said...

I love all her outfits...really cute and where can I get some of those bracelets?!

~Wendie said...

The outfit your mom made is adorable!! You have a beautiful baby girl there.
I'm following you from Voiceboks now and I'll look forward to more cutsie photos!!

Kim Bee said...

She is so adorable. I really love the outfit your Mom made. She is a total cutie.

Kristina said...

Love the little white dresses! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures:)

Mandi said...

Awww, what a complete sweetheart! And stylish!!!!

Visiting from vB!
Smile and Mama With Me :D

Columba Lisa said...

Awwwwww! I love these pictures! I wish I could go back in time and dress my little girl up again, sob! Visiting you from VoiceBoks - have a great weekend!

jbplbarbara said...

She looks so stylish and so cute. Have a wonderful weekend,
Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

Valerie @ My-2-cents said...

Hello, I am a new follower from Voiceboks. I would love it if you would visit my blog and follow me back at Valerie @ My-2-Cents

Thank you
Have a blessed week
Networked blog follower since GFC is still having issues

Anonymous said...

She is so cute--

Stopping by from Vb

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

Precious!! So cute. I love the one of her matching the cup! :) Becky from VB

Erin said...

Someday she is going to look back at your blog and be so glad that you took the time to keep track of everything! Great blog. I'm dropping by from voiceBoks!

Shannon Milholland said...

Sooooo adorable! Since I have four daughters I think I'm a pretty good judge of adorable too!

Visiting you from VoiceBoks and enjoying connecting with you there!

Nekky said...

She is so cute. They always cry when they don't like an outfit. My daughter just did the same in our last photo-shooting.

Christine said...

That's great that your husband loves to get out and about! It's a good quality, one I wish I had more of! --Christine at Why We Love Green, visiting from VB